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Incoming Transmission...

January 23 2054 

Earth is under attack...Not much information is known yet of our enemy, but they have come from space...Earths armies will not fall without retaliation...all able bodied are to report for conscription immediately...

March 18th 2054

The worlds experts have called deemed the enemy the Hive. It seems to have no leader, but acts as one force. It has no known weakness yet... but the worlds leading scientists may have a lead...

April 3rd 2058

The eastern seaboard has been taken...all units retreat and regroup...commence operation Collective...

June 29 2063

Itis a joyous day...The Hive has been almost defeated...The Collective will send its best Squads for recon to find its remnants...

The Cure To Your Boredem Has Arrived!

In the aftermath of the Hives invasion of earth, the society of the old world was shattered, and in response to the possibility of the aliens return, the authoritative Collective took hold of the sphere.


Alexander King a loyal soldier of the Collective discovers on a mission that the Hive's lingering presence is stronger then commonly believed, it becomes vital that the Collective act fast, for if they don't, the world will be destroyed beyond repair...


Looking for a great read? Something complex, fast paced, and subversive? An enthralling adventure, written with detailed prose? Hive is the novel your looking for! This sci-fi alien adventure, thriller is an epic story that you don't want to miss!

What Humanoids Are Saying

I seem to be on an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic kick and I couldn't love it more. Sometimes you just need a good end of the world book to sink your teeth into and this one does not disappoint.

-Alisha Row-Blogger

This book is anything but predictable. It has lots of twists and surprises that kept me guessing about what would happen until the very end. I applaud the author for his vivid imagination in crafting such a clever and thought-provoking novel.

-Scott Cahan-Author

Destroy All Boredom For 2.99!

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